Tie Exchangers


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Key Features
The TRIPP - Tie Remover/Inserter includes the following key features:
• Single-operator climate-controlled, enclosed cab
• Two 86-inch-stroke-length workheads for work on either side of track; 12,880 lbs. insertion force /
20,740 lbs. removal force
• Automatic controls, with manual override
• John Deere turbo-charged, six-cylinder Tier IV engine
• Four-wheel, dual-axle, hydraulic drives
• Spring-applied, air-released brakes, with Cobra brake shoes
• 24 VDC, circuit breaker-protected, electrical system
• PLC electrical control system
• Dual, pressure-compensated, hydraulic pumps
• Steel manifold-mounted, electrical control valves
• Cab-controlled locks on all cylinders
• Joystick controls

Minimal disturbance to track structure
The controlled rail lift height system ensures that there is minimal disturbance to the track structure during removal/
insertion operations. The weight of the machine, as well as the load transfer inherent in the machine’s design, also stabilizes the track during these operations.

Operates from either side of track
Two 86-inch-stroke-length workheads allow the operator to perform removal/insertions from either side of the track,
allowing greater control in obstructed or constricted areas; the operator can also access the cab from either side of the

Handles wood and concrete ties
The TRIPP is designed to handle all wood, as well as wood composite, ties. In addition, optional concrete grippers are
available to convert the TRIPP to handle concrete ties.

Adjusts for different rail types and heights
Simple switch settings allow the operator to quickly adjust for jointed or welded rail. In addition, operator-controlled
settings allow rail lift height adjustments for different rail heights - even diff erent heights on left and right rails.

Robust extraction/insertion force
The TRIPP has the most robust extraction/insertion forces in the industry:
• Extraction force - 20,700 lbs.
• Insertion force - 12,900 lbs.

Adjustable gripper force
The gripper force for the tie gripper assembly can be adjusted for the following:
• Different tie types
• Tie degradation (to prevent further tie disintegration during removal)
• Tie insertion (to prevent damage to new ties)