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Truck (High Rail) Cranes

Truck (High Rail) Cranes

A crane which is mounted on a rubber tired carrier provides the user with the highest degree of flexibility. The following cranes have been equipped with a specially engineered high rail system which provides added utility by being able to travel and operate the crane on the railroad tracks.

Little Giant Model

Boom TypeLatticeLatticeTelescopicTelescopic
Carrier TypeTruckTruckRough TerrainRough Terrain
Lifting Capacities
On Tires (lbs)18,20025,00018,00016,600
On Tires (kgs)8,25511,3408,1657,530
On RR Wheels (lbs)40,00050,00019,00031,500
On RR Wheels (kgs)18,14422,6808,61814,288
On Outriggers (lbs)40,00050,00036,00050,500
On Outriggers (kgs)18,14422,68016,32922,680

Note: Capacities shown are for illustrative purposes only and should not be used as a reference for actual crane operation.